The Tanzlabor Leipzig is a mixed-abled dance company. It’s an initiative to encourage contemporary dance in Leipzig for people with or without disability experiences.


Fiveteen years ago, the Tanzlabor Leipzig developed from the youth group “Rollingcats”. Back then, the youth group “Rollingcats” searched for new ways and possibilities to organize their free time self-determined. In the rooms of the socio-cultural center “Die VILLA” the group met one of Leipzig’s famous choreographers Heike Hennig, who invited the group spontaneously to one of her dance sessions. After this session the dancing continued and finally led to the foundation of the Tanzlabor Leipzig.

About us

The Tanzlabor Leipzig consists of three major pillars: free dance, dance workshops and dance productions.

  • free dance
    open dance sessions for participants with or without experience
  • dance workshops
    we offer a variety of further dance training and exchange with other dance companies
  • dance production
    with mixed-abled stage perfomances the Tanzlabor Leipzig shows its dance skills to an audience


If you want more information or want to participate, please feel free to contact us