Eine Holzleiter, welche bis zum oberen Bildrand geht. An der Seite läuft eine Person diese Leiter waagerecht zum Boden hinauf. Bei der Person ist kein Kopf sichtbar, stattdessen eine Wolke. Die Person trägt einen Schlafanzug. Im Hintergrund befinden sich Wolken und blauer Himmel.

The Dream (2022)

Four dancers search for the border between reality and dream.

A production of TANZLABOR LEIPZIG under the artistic direction of Vasiliki Bara in cooperation with LOFFT – DAS THEATER.

German play description: >>> Zur deutschen Stückbeschreibung: KLICKE HIER. <<<

November 24, 2022 | 8 p.m. | premiere
November 25, 2022 | 8 p.m. | with audience discussion
November 26, 2022 | 8 p.m.

Spinnerei Straße 7
Halle 7
04179 Leipzig

Tickets & Information
www.lofft.de | 0341 / 355 955 10

The dance piece is with audio description (previous stage visit is included) and sign language. The venue is accessible at ground level or by elevator. There is an accessible toilet.

The dream (german: Der Traum) – play description

While we dream, we leave our consciously perceived world and enter a new world where everything seems possible. Independent occurrences and situations of our life mix as a matter of course. Images and feelings arise that have a connection to our waking world, but yet are limitless. Surreality begins to become reality. But if we feel, see and experience in dreams as we do when we are awake, what distinguishes it from reality?

The mixed-abled team of Tanzlabor Leipzig delves into the theme of dreams and creates a world on stage in which surreality and reality merge. The four dancers make use of spatial paths and planes, optical irritations and text. With bizarre and abrupt movements they create absurd actions, discontinuous sequences and surreal images.

concept and choreography | Vasiliki Bara
choreographic assistance | Teresa Grundei
creation and dance | Daria Belous, Gisela de Paz Solvas, Pernille Sonne, Virginie Blei
costume | Natalie Burgmann
sound design | Mandy Unger (M.over)
photo credit | Teresa Grundei
audio description | HörMal Audiodeskription
sign language interpreter | Julia Mischke
inclusive communication | Anna Müller
audience discussion I Dirk Sorge von der Servivestelle Inklusion im Kulturbereich
project Management | Tanzlabor Leipzig | Marion Müller

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